Food and Product Design

If you are a purist, just consider this as a separate webpage and feel free to ignore it. I personally oppose labels and believe that purism is causing a lot of damage, preventing the word from fully enjoying the benefits of art creation.

Yes, I am one of those that considers some categories of design, crafts, and cuisine as art. That does not mean that I think than everything is art. The same than there are paintings that reach the status of art, and there are others that should not; there are some food creations, crafts, and designs that to my view should be categorized as art. After all Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination […] producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power” (Oxford Languages Dictionary).

In this section, whatever they are art or not art, I include other applications of my creative skills!


Food takes a big portion of my life and I really enjoy it, maybe because it is so creative and allows so much experimentation… same than ceramics! Since I was a kid, I started to gain cooking knowledge from books, some good cooks around me, magazines, TV cooking programs, and a lot of trial and error. And in 2019 I did a professional patisserie course at the NoLab Academy in Milano. My aim is not to make cooking my profession, but rather to stablish collaborations with some professional chefs

And here it goes the book! “Galletas para Gente Especial”. It is an allergy free vegan cookies cooking book made in collaboration with photographer Lucija Hvart. It has been first edited in Spanish thanks to editorial house Distribuciones Alfaomega, but we hope that editions in English and other languages will follow quickly.


Many of my work will not be categorized as art by most people, but rather as a craft. I like to design pieces of home décor, tableware, fashion accessories… Up to now I have done everything by myself, but my intention for the future is to focus more on the design and prototyping and start stablishing collaborations with other artisans to launch some products.

In that sense I have a project called i_COOON that I hope one day will see the light. I_COOON is a Design and Consulting start-up project whose mission is to help small entrepreneurs to navigate this complex world though sustainable growth. It is an initiative that I am developing in collaboration with some nice people. We hope that soon we will start supporting our vision that everyone should be able to make a living from their own business!