Buy and Connect

How to buy?

In January 2021 I officially registered as an artist in France and since then I started to put some of my work up for sale. All my pieces are featured in this page, and I try to regularly maintain it indicating if the piece is available or not. But I invite you to drop me a message, in case you have doubts or you want to know what is on the pipeline.

I also accept commissions but under strict rules, to ensure that I keep enough freedom to stay true to my vision as an artist.

All artworks are signed on the front and/or on the back, and come with an authenticity certificate.

Marina ÓÁZ Signature

Click on the logo to contact me if you are interested in buying directly from the artist. We can then arrange the purchase in two ways: we can either set an appointment in my workshop in Jouques, in the South of France, or I can send you a video of the piece and we can organize the transaction online with shipping. Below you can download my official price list, however please note that it is indicative and that I will provide an offer for each request.

Click on the logo to access Artmajeur online shop. The prices include packing cost, a 20% commission from the platform, a 5,5% French TVA (when applicable), and an estimation of delivery costs. Note that not all pieces are listed there but I can add additional ones upon request.

Keep updated!

If you want to keep updated the best is that you connect with me via social media. I have two Instagram accounts: a general one where I post pictures of my new paintings and sculptures and of its making process, and one dedicated to photography. And I also have a Facebook page for those not having Instagram. Here the link to all three of them:

Up for a collaboration? Want to commission a piece? Any suggestion or comment?

Contact me if you are interested in my work or if you want to share any suggestion or comment! I am very interested in establishing collaborations with other artists, non-profit organizations, and companies 🙂