Installations and Murals

This section is dedicated to indoor and outdoor art installations that in general have a strong link with the space. I see art installation as a great opportunity to mix my engineering background with my passion for arts. It also gives me an excuse to visit one of my favourites places: hardware stores! I enjoy the creative process, the possibility to mix different techniques, but also the phase of installing things and working with tools.

Rinascita (Rebirth) · Arte Laguna Prize 13th Edition 2018.19 · Open Dream Artist Residency · Venice, Italy

Date of completion: September 2019
Location: Treviso, Italy
Dimensions: 700 cm x 1300 cm
Materials: old fiberglass molds, acrylic paint, stainless steel screws and bolts.
Techniques: installation, construction, dripping

“Rinascita” is a wall installation that reuses the fiberglass molds that were once used to create porcelain dishes in the old industrial facilities of Ceramiche Pagnossin in Treviso. The pieces are arranged on the facade of one of the red brick buildings of the factory, using specific colors that attempt to reproduce those used in the past by the famous Italian ceramic brand. The composition contains 200 crockery molds of various shapes, each of them containing a different shade that was created through a meticulous analysis of the 229 glazing tests that were found in the decommissioned factory. In this way, the project attempts to bring to life the unused tools that once gave rise to colorful pottery objects. Because color was one of the most distinctive features of the Ceramiche Pagnossin brand.

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Photographs by Giacomo Vidoni

Connecting the Disconnected

Date of completion: 2019
Location: Milan, Italy
Dimensions: 65 cm x 1200 cm x 30cm
Materials: chamotte red earthenware, acrylic paint, cotton cord, fabric
Techniques: slab construction, throwing, sculpture, painting, dyeing, sewing, macramé

The installation aims to highlight the ability of art to combine, through an analysis of the mixing of colors and the use of various materials and techniques.  Color becomes the connecting point that represents art, that touches society and manages to transform it.